Selected Reviews

A passionate heart finds expression in Marrow, Muscle, Flight.  Gary Boelhower is extraordinarily attuned to the lyrical: “clear syllables/ of spring rain sing on the warm/ shingles,” or “…loss is the cost/ of love…”  As in the meditations of the metaphysical poet, George Herbert, the earthly and the divine merge in these moving poems.

Connie Wanek, author of On Speaking Terms and Hartley Field


What is it that poems are supposed to do?  Engage language.  Express emotion.  Create possibilities in our lives.  I believe "Dances at the Wedding,"  "Hawk Ridge," "First Deployment," and all of the other poems in Gary Boelhower's collection Marrow, Muscle, Flight accomplish these tasks, tasks so difficult most of our society avoids them.  Don't avoid.  Enjoy this book.

Jim Johnson, poet laureate of Duluth, Minnesota 2008-2010, author of Driving Gravel Roads


Gary Boelhower is a life-seasoned, perceptive, courageously-honest poet.  We need his voice, his insight and depth, his engaging message of love and truth.

Ellen Kort, first poet laureate of Wisconsin 2000-2004, author of If Death Were A Woman, Uncle Jake and Sing Back My Bones


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